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Nowadays we all have become too much dependent on our smartphone. From constantly playing Android games during the day, to watching movies and calls to important office mail, from household chores to talking to relatives, we depend heavily on our Smartphone. Therefore, we have to face the problem of battery of our smartphone in all the days of playing games, watching videos on social media, watching movies, etc. 

Increase Smartphone Battery Life

Using the smartphone continuously throughout the day, the battery of the phone starts running out quickly. So we are not able to complete many important tasks. And we have to face many difficulties.

Many times we have to wait for a very long time during charging due to the battery of our phone. So today we are going to tell you some such things. Using which will increase the battery life of your phone.

Some tricks to increase your Smartphone Battery Life -

We knowingly and unknowingly make many such mistakes which cause us to get discharged quickly. So let us know how you can increase the battery life of your phone.

1. Remove Phone Cover Before Charging -

We all use the cover on our phone to prevent it from getting damaged. But do you know, when we charge the phone with the cover, the phone starts heating up very quickly because silicon is used in the cover of these smartphones. Which heats up very quickly, so while charging the smart phone we should remove the cover and charge it. 

Many times it happens that we are not able to connect our phone well to the terminal of the charging pin, which does not charge the phone. So we should connect the terminal of our charging cable properly and set it up for recharging. 

2. Don't Charge Overnight -

It often happens that we put our smartphone to Charge before sleeping at night time, and the phone keeps over Charge all night. Smartphone battery starts discharging quickly due to repeated over-charging. So we should not make our Smartphone long Overnight Charge.

3. Use Original Mobile Charger -

To keep our smartphone battery running for a long time and to prevent it from deteriorating, we should only use the original charger for charging. If the phone is charged with another charger, it damages the battery. Because for all smartphones their chargers are manufactured according to their battery and smart phone charging capacity. So trying to charge the phone using another charger can damage your phone's battery.

4. Rechage Phone Bofore 20 percent power -

Many times it happens that we become so careless while using our phone that we do not charge the phone even if the phone is switched off. Which is a very wrong habit. Which has a serious impact on the battery of the phone. Repeatedly charging the phone back with Lore Charger causes the battery to deteriorate. Therefore, the phone should be charged at 25 or 30% before 20 percent power warning.

5. Don't Use Fast Charging Apps -

Many times we download and use many third party fast charging apps to charge our phone battery quickly. Which puts the extra pressure of fast charging on the phone's battery. Due to which the battery of the phone deteriorates quickly and discharges very quickly. So we should never use these third party apps. 

6. Use Airplane Mode -

We try many ways to hard charge our phones, which affect the phone battery and the battery of the phone deteriorates quickly. So for fast charging you can use Airplane mode while charging.

The conclusion 

We have told you through today's post about Smartphone Battery , why smartphone battery goes bad, and how you can save your smartphone battery from malfunction. Stay connected with our website to get more information related to similar technology.

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