Hello friends today, through this post we will tell you about the DND Activation of Google's VI. What is DND, and how can you now activate DND service in your operator. If you do not have any specific information about it, then you should read this post carefully. We are going to provide you with complete information about Google's VI DND Activation through this post .

What is DND service -

How to activate DND service in Vodafone-Idea (VI)

DND service, which also means Do Not Disturb service, is an initiative of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). In today's time, we all use some phone or other. In which there is definitely a SIM card, many times the mobile SIM gets unwanted calls and advertising messages.

Those who have to face a lot of trouble. There are times when we are busy with an important call. At that time, they disturb unwanted messages and calls. So today we are going to tell you how you can stop these unwanted calls and messages.

We are provided with the facility to start or stop a DND service from our operator. Which means - Do not disturb service. With the help of this service, we can turn on DND service by stopping the advertisement calls from the operator on our mobile phone. 

How to activate DND service in VI -

Nowadays, we all keep V-I SIM due to the double data offer. So our article today is going to be of great use for you. But it happens many times that when we are busy in any urgent business call.

At the same time, due to their advertising messages and calls, they get very disturbed. In such a situation you must have got very angry too.

This happens to many people and the only way to avoid this problem is to activate the Do Not Disturb service. Let us tell you, how you can start this service in your Vodafone network.

Activate DND with Vodafone Idea's app -

➤ First of all, download Vodafone-Idea (VI) app in your phone from Google Play Store or from Apple iOS Store.

➤ Open the Vodafone-Idea (VI) app, and put your VI operator number in it.

➤ After this, you will have an OTP and verify it by putting it.

➤ Now you have to click on Next option twice and click on Get Start, after that you will have to click on Done in Next and Last.

➤ Click on My Account, click DND at the bottom there. 

➤ Now you will get to see many categories for DND service too, whether you want to activate Complete DND, or to activate it at a particular time, or to activate DND service for a particular commercial calls. .

➤ After this, the option of Activate Full DND went to India, click on it, after clicking on it, you will have to Yes and then the DND service will start on your mobile number. Now after starting the DND service, you will not be disturbed by any commercial calls on your mobile phone.

The conclusion 

We have told you through today's post about the activation of Vodafone-Idea's DND service, what DND is, and how you can now activate DND service in your operator. Stay connected with our website to get more information related to similar technology.

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