Hello friends, today we will tell you about YouTube 's Short Video Clips Toll through this post of ours . YouTube is testing a new tool YouTube clip. Under this tool, short clips can be shared from YouTube videos. If you do not have any specific information about it, then you should read this post carefully. We are going to provide you complete information about YouTube 's Short Video Clips through our post .

How to Share YouTube Short Video Clips

What is YouTube Clips Tool -

YouTube is currently working on a new tool, YouTube Clips. With the help of this tool, short clips of a video can be shared from YouTube. Many times it happens that users like any short part of a video on YouTube. They also want to share it with their friends or other people on their other social media platforms. So far they had to resort to other third party apps to do so. But now YouTube itself is going to provide this new tool to the users. Where they can make a short clip of a video and share it on their social media account.

YouTube is a very popular video sharing platform. The tool was not yet available on YouTube. The first such tool was available on the Twitch video sharing platform. But right now, YouTube is also going to make this short clips tool available on the demand of its users. With the help of this short clip tool, both users and creators can create a long video or 5 to 60 seconds of video during live streaming for passport and share it with friends on their social media account.

Right now this tool is being made available for YouTube's desktop and android only. But soon its support will also be available to Android and iOS users. 

How to share YouTube short clips -

This short clip feature of YouTube is currently available only to some people, but very quickly when it is made available to all people, then short video clips can be shared and shared from the URL of YouTube videos.

To share YouTube short video clip, first of all you have to open YouTube video, a scissors mark is given below it, click on it.

After clicking on it, you have to click on the option of Create Clip, after which you will have to choose between 5 to 60 seconds of your choice. 

After selecting the video clip, after typing the video title and clicking on the share clip button, you will get options to share the short clip to share on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

But apart from this, users can also share short video clips via video embed or email. Apart from this, you can also manually paste the link of short video clip and share it .

Currently, this feature of YouTube Short Clip is available for some users only on the desktop of YouTube and the Android app. But soon it will be made available for operating system platforms like Android and iOS. 

When will the new short clips feature be found?

Currently, this short clips feature has been given to a select few creators and users for this review from YouTube. According to their feedback, this short clip tool will soon be made available to all users on iOS, Android app and website.

How useful will be the short clips tool for users -

With the help of the new feature of YouTube, it is going to be very useful for both users and creators. In the past, for short clips of YouTube videos, both users and creators had to use other third party apps but now YouTube short video clips With the help of the tool, they can create a video clip of 5 to 7 seconds and share it on social media platforms. You can also change the title of the clip prepared in this tool, for which there is a 140 word character limit.

The conclusion 

We you through today's post YouTube 's Short Video Clips of explained that YouTube can be short clips share YouTube video under a new tool YouTube clip tools. Stay connected with our website to get more information related to similar technology.

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