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The electronic toll collection system (FASTAG) was first introduced in India in 2014. This electronic system of toll collection has been made compulsory for vehicles passing through national highways since midnight of 15 February 2021.

What is fastag

Fastag will be used for toll plaza tax collection on national highways across the country. What is fastag, what is it used for, and why is fastag important for you. We are going to tell you all about this in this article.

What is Fastag -

Fastag is a technique of electronic toll collection. Which is used for toll collection on national highways across the country. For this a fastag sticker is placed on the wind screen of the vehicles. The fastag code is written on the vehicle, and that fastag code is read out by the radio frequency identification (RFID) technology installed in the toll plaza. 

Fastag is like a mobile SIM card for vehicles. The way the balance is recharged in the SIM card installed in the mobile phone, and after the call, the call fee is deducted from the balance. Similarly, fastag accounts have to be created for vehicles, in which recharge is done like SIM card. Toll plaza charges are deducted from the toll plaza by radio frequency identification (RFID) technology by reading the fastag account of the vehicle.

Once in the Fastag account, once the Fastag account balance is over, it will still have to be recharged. From Rs 100 to ₹ 100000 recharge can be done in Fastag account. 

How Fastag works -

The Electronic Toll Collection System ( FASTAG ) has been introduced in India by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to reduce the hassles during toll collection . This technique of electronic toll collection involves fastag sticker on the wind screen of the vehicles. 

Also, toll frequency plazas use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. When a train approaches the toll plaza, the FastTag sticker on the car is read out by the radio frequency identification sensor located at the toll plaza.

After which the toll tax is withdrawn from the Fastag account of the train to the toll plaza account.

In this way, with the help of Fastag, the toll plaza will now be paid non-stop at the toll plaza. This will save time due to long lines at toll plazas. Fastag prepaid account has to be created for each vehicle, and will have to be recharged once the account amount is exhausted. 

The validity of Fastag for each vehicle will be only for 5 years, so after every 5 years, a new Fastag sticker will also have to be made by creating a new Fastag account on your vehicle. The way a debit or credit card is valid, and then a new debit or credit card is given from the bank with a new term, will be the same.  

Benefits of Fastag -

The Ministry of Roads and Transport in India has introduced the FASTAG system on all toll plazas as a solution to the problems faced by toll tax in toll plazas. This will avoid the long line of trains and inconvenience caused at the time of toll plaza charges. 

Along with saving the waste of time incurred at the time of toll plaza charges, the problem of open money and bad treatment of toll plaza employees will also get rid of. With the help of Fastag, it will now save time as well as petrol and diesel, and will also get 2.5% cashback on the use of Fastag sticker. Which will later be transferred to the Fastag account. 

How to apply fastag -

Only those who have old cars, they will need to apply fastag. These people will be able to purchase FAStag from authorized banks under the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) program by the Government of India. These banks include - HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Syndicate Bank, Axis Bank, IDFC Bank and State Bank of India. Apart from this, you can also purchase Fastag from Paytm. After buying Fastag from here, they will be able to put Fastag on their car .

New vehicle owners have nothing to worry about Fastag, as they will be provided with a Fastag account at the time of registration of the new vehicle. Which they will later be able to activate and recharge and fasten their car .

Where to get Fastag -

Fastag can be purchased from the bank by visiting any Point of Sale (POS) location of Fastag authorized by the Government of India. However, one can also apply Fastag online to save time and avoid long lines. Here we are telling you the procedure to get online fastag -

Fastag taking process -

Below we are describing the process of taking fastags -

➤ For fastag's prepaid account, one has to visit the online fastag application website of any of the fast authorized banks. An account with this bank is not required for online application of Fastag account. 

➤ After this, enter your name, address, date of birth, mobile number, email ID, etc. for Fastag account. 

➤ Enter KYC document details (driving license, PAN card, passport, voter ID card, or Aadhaar card). 

➤ Enter your vehicle registration details (registration certificate) RC number and upload the scan copy of all the required documents. These include KYC documents, 1 passport size photo of the vehicle owner and RC. 

The vehicle's Fastag account will be created after submission of the application. This Fastag account can also be accessed online or through the Fastag app. Recharges can be made to a Fastag account using credit card, debit card, NEFT, RTGS or through net banking. 

The conclusion 

We have told you about Fastag through today's post, what is Fastag , and how you can create a Fastag account for your vehicle . Stay connected with our website to get more information related to similar technology.

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