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Buy DigiGold Via Airtel Thanks Application
5 Reasons Why You Should Buy DigiGold Via Airtel Thanks Application

Money is a sensitive topic and the last thing people want to talk about. But we can’t escape it. That’s why I’m here to give you five good reasons to buy DigiGold via Airtel Thanks Application. 

The Airtel Thanks Application is a revolutionary platform that connects you with amazing services and products from Airtel and third party providers. 

This app is a major game changer because it offers you the chance to earn points for every money you spend on your airtime or any other services you avail from Airtel. 

You can use the points you earn to buy digital gold (DigiGold) or redeem them for other awards. Here are five reasons why you should buy DigiGold via Airtel Thanks Application!

Buy DigiGold Via Airtel Thanks Application and Get: 

➤ Alerts on your phone 

➤ Airtime Recharge 

➤ Airtime Bonus 

➤ Other Airtime related offers 

➤ Exclusive Airtel offers

Airtel Thanks Application

It is a part of Airtel’s Maestro loyalty program. Airtel Thanks can be purchased from the Airtel website. The three available service plans – Rs 499, Rs 999 and Rs 1499. There are other benefits too that come with purchase of the Airtel Thanks program. 

How To Buy Airtel Thanks? 

Select one of the plans

Claim to receive 10% cashback on your every recharge of Rs 399 & above. Get amazing experience on any device including mobile, laptop, tablet or desktop. Check out the latest offers and Buy Airtel Tez With 7.99% cashback, Tez is India's fastest growing mobile-first digital wallet. 

Airtel's Recharge and Airtel Thanks can also be purchased using Tez app. It is a part of Airtel's 'Mera Pehla Smartphone' program and can be purchased for Rs 1000. 

How to buy DigiGold with the Airtel Thanks Application

Airtel is offering users the option to buy DigiGold using the mobile application. If you are interested in trying the service, here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider the option: 

Get the 24h Gold Rush For every user who takes up the offer, they get 24 hours of free gold. That means your gold will be of a top-quality at no cost to you. Enjoy a bonus While you can buy 1 gram of gold for only $149, you can buy as many as 5 grams of gold for only $1,997. 

Hold and Keep Your Gold In addition to being an individual who loves to hold on to their wealth, DigiGold users are also entitled to hold their gold for 7 days. Receive the best rates As the best 24/7 ATMs in the country are the ones that offer the highest conversion rates for gold.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy DigiGold Via Airtel Thanks Application

DigiGold (DGB) is a currency designed to be integrated as a new form of digital asset for your mobile phone. DGB is a cryptocurrency that offers 2x the transactions per second as Ethereum. 

It also has the ability to secure the transactions on your mobile phone using your fingerprint. It’s an exciting time for DigiGold because they have partnered with Airtel, India’s largest telecommunications service provider to add DGB to their digital wallet app – IndiaSpend. 

If you’re reading this post on an Android phone you can go to this link on the Google Play store to install the Airtel Payments Bank Payments Wallet by using which you can buy DigiGold.

1. It is affordable

➤ All you need to do is to recharge your phone 

➤ It is a secure medium to buy digi gold 

➤ It has a mobile friendly process. 

➤ You do not need to store your password on your phone. 

DigiGold DigiGold is one of the fastest growing exchange services, today. It is regarded as one of the best Bitcoin online markets for buying Bitcoin. But it has recently stepped into the digital gold exchange. 

which has become one of the easiest means for a user to buy digital gold for their crypto coins. Let us see in detail about this platform. 

➤ The store 

➤ Online 

➤ Simple 

➤ Cash on delivery mode 

➤ Easy to use 

DigiGold store is one of the most convenient portals to buy digital gold. It is regarded as one of the best platforms to buy Digital Gold online. 

2. It is easy to buy

Downloading Airtel Thanks is pretty easy, you just need to fill your details and then you are good to go. Airtel thanks has a number of ways to buy its services, like visiting the nearest Airtel store or ordering your recharge card online. 

All you need to do is fill your details on the site and you will get it instantly. For those of you who want to browse through the offers available, you can visit Airtel stores. 

The last and the cheapest way to purchase this amazing coin is by using M-Pesa services. Buy the DigiGold Via Airtel for the first time: It is not a popular thing to buy DigiGold in Kenya and other African countries. 

For this reason, to get your hands on it you need to visit the nearest Airtel store. For the first time, you will have to pay up.

3. It is Instant

Digital Gold – India’s First Bitcoin Exchange – is an Indian Bitcoin Exchange, it is reliable for transactions as it has been around since 2013 and already working on Android/iOS App. 

The Airtel wallet is fast, being quick to send and receive Digital Gold is much more convenient than traditional internet banking. 

There is no point in playing with Paytm while downloading and in case you don’t have an Android/iOS phone, there is still the option of sending it digitally by logging into the Airtel Payments Bank app or Airtel website.

Its Fees Are Fair On Digital Gold, the transaction fee will be set at 0.1% when you are doing the above four methods mentioned above.

4. It is convenient

This was another point we wanted to tell you in detail. The easiest way to invest on our platform is by investing via an app. We have the best apps, the most wonderful and affordable and you can now earn money from various apps to top up your DigiCash. 

Not just that, you can also buy DigiGold with the help of some of our partners. Another advantage of investing via Airtel Thanks app is that all the major banks have already partnered with our platform. We work on helping you save as much money as you can by investing through us. 

Payment processing is faster. You don’t have to worry about downloading any app on your phone to invest on our platform. The system works on your smartphone and it only takes a few seconds to buy DigiGold with the help of the Airtel Thanks application.

5. It is secure

This is the biggest reason why the entire world is looking towards Airtel. Airtel is a long-standing and established cellular operator that enjoys immense recognition. With the Digital Gold in your hands, you can rest assured that your money is safe. 

In the case of DigiGold, this security aspect ensures that there is little likelihood of anything happening to your cash. There is also the added benefit of DigiGold being an approved financial payment, therefore, it allows you to use any existing card to spend your balance as cash. 

"In terms of security, our target users would be those people who own a debit card, and this is because when it comes to DigiGold, it is backed by Indian gold", says Balu Ramachandran, COO and Executive Director of DigiGold. 


DigiGold is expected to fetch a premium to its real cash equivalent, since its fixed amount is divided into smaller denominations. Further, it will go beyond the existing opportunity and currency-like feature to the subscribers. 

Other factors that would help the app succeed are the app itself, the usage, the pricing and the promotion campaign. DigiGold is a Fixed Deposit Company that accepts BTC, ETH and USD for buying gold.

It is the first Indian company which is offering the benefit of buying gold, as a fixed deposit with the customers. The customers can invest in the fixed deposits in accordance with their requirements. 

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